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Our 1st interview of the year!

(left to right) Alden: (@trillcanada) BR4R: (@bornreal_4r) Nigel: (iworkmagicdaily) Tony: (trthetrackrunna) Juwan: (ath_rampage)
Pictured @ NBH studios after the interview.

When it comes to collabs/good business.. we love to see it! So when CYON (a podcast for entrepreneurs to tell

their story on how they created their own narrative) hit me up with their idea to have me on as a guest, I looked into and seen what the podcast was about and what it stood for I knew instantly it was a go! Especially knowing the people behind it (Juwan, Nigel and Tony) I'm like I GOTTA COME ON!

Days before as we prepping for the interview, making sure everything everything. I learned that not only was I coming on as their 1st guest but for the flight episode! That, and everything about the interview was love.

We covered a widespread of topics:

  • about the clothing brand and how it got started

  • about my music career

  • my celebrity crush

  • and most importantly what made me Create mY Own Narrative (CYON)

check it out here

Be sure to subscribe to their Youtube page! Appreciate yal boys for the love again.

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