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Finding the groove

Say you jumped in the water, the deep end... but you don't know how to swim. No float, no boats. No life vest - looking like no hope. Yeah, that was me lol. Fast forward, I've found my groove.

Going back

I'm panicking; fighting the water. Not realizing I'm my only help and if I'm fighting against the water; then that's really just me fighting against myself...

Lost in the water, looking for a destination. Can't swim but I think I can see it from here. Over time, I found out I could float, then I started moving my limbs.

I moved by sharks, so I'm not intimidated by them. However, I did get shocked by eels and I thought they were my friend.

Close to my destination but it don't look like the end.

I just found my groove and learned how to swim.

Thank you for the support, love always.

BR4R- “we all stars

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