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A day in the life, on the job

A couple months ago, on our IG feed we mentioned how we'll be bringing on our first employee. Not new to the realee real lifestyle; we've done tons of work before, it's just things are more serious this time around and have a title on things..


Introducing LTP...

LTP shouting us out on IG

Louis The Photographer

Louis The Poet

My dawg from way back, long time friend turned partner. Closer to the end of the 2020; LTP hit me up with a serious inquiry about coming along the team and helping grow the brand. My initial thought was, "Wow, perfect timing!" I was in a space where I found myself taking on a lot and was needing assistance of any kind lol. So I took him up on his offer via text, but felt it wouldn't be official until we met in person.

We scheduled for LTP to tag along to the interview we did with CYON but because of technical difficulties that didn't end up happening. However, we did end up linking the next day to a mini photoshoot of the flat layouts of the merch. Which turned out great (with the exception of unpredictable Florida weather).


This our first link in a couple years, but I believe it was nothing short of productive. I cant wait for us to do more work. Glad to have LTP on the team. We want to show as much as we receive if not more Not our first go around w/ LTP

Here's a mini BTS clip of the conditions we had to work in:

Did you know? LTP was the photographer behind our very first Bornreal photoshoot. Featuring Tyler


Be on the lookout for future links.

Circa 2018

Yes lol we still have this! Anybody that ever sent us a copy of them in the gear; we still have it ;)

Appreciate the love and support you guys, really.

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