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New Fiscal Year


Hey fam,

As we come to an end of our fiscal calendar and prepare for the upcoming year. I’d like to be transparently honest with you guys about what’s been the cause of delayed action.

We took this past month off from posting on social media (I’m sure you missed us) mainly because it’s a lot going on behind the scenes.

But as promised, we are loaded with new inventory! (Winter + fall) We’re being strategic with the roll out (coming soon 👀)

There has been lots of changes and mini adjustments; regarding vendors, accessibility to distribution plugs and even shipment.

With all of these changes, it has been overwhelming at times. Never losing sight of the mission = encouraging others to be their authentic self… I found this to be the perfect time to share what we’ve been doing in this time away..

Although we haven’t been in your face as much, we’re still working; believe me. Stay tuned for more updates & announcements on the new drops

Thank you guys for your continued support ❤️💯

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