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On the scene

Throughout our most recent blogs; we've touched on the subject of where we've been and what we have been up to..

If you've been paying attention and actually reading the blogs - there shouldn't be much confusion. But to clear the air, its been a journey; but we are in the final stages of setting up shop outside of the based location (West Palm Beach). For the last couple months we have been focused on growing our audience and followers near our latest demographic region.

Attempting to grow Bornreal outside of 561,FL was; and still is challenging. Basically starting from bottom again! Meeting strangers and explaining to them how they too are Bornreal is the least challenging part about reaching out to a new audience - it was getting new plugs and working without crucial equipment for me.

I never threw in the towel..

The purpose of these blogs are to highlight what's going on in the background with the brand like the new designs, new releases, promo codes etc. but some messages lose their meaning simply from misinterpretation and/or not understanding.

We're not the type to act like everything is okay when it isn't #realeereal. While we were going through things and looking to build our followers. Some of you guys took that as an early exit sign - which isn't the case AT ALL. Don't get me wrong there were times I contemplated the idea of stopping but I'm more resilient than that.

We put on our hard hat and went to work

  • Made new connections

  • Met new plugs

  • Expanded the brand


We're still working but this part here is for the new comers.

Happy to have you along :)

What is Bornreal LLC?

Bornreal is a movement, brand and nothing short of a lifestyle. We seek to positively inspire, motivate and cultivate the minds of the others. To create an authentic lifestyle where we all are respected.

Tip: Realee Real is the act of expressing bornreal behavior.

Steps to ensure you are being Bornreal (Realee Real)

  1. Self awareness (Know who you are)

  2. Inspire (Encourage someone to be the real version of themself )

  3. Cultivate (Lead by example and nurture honest activity)

  4. Spread Bornreal Gospel (Create an authentic lifestyle; where all are respected)

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