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Slow and steady wins the race

Half a decade in

Happy Anniversary Bornreal' LLC!

Over the last year or so we've been building relationships and implementing systems that'll help grow our business overall. I realized that its best to make sure you are doing things correct rather than just doing things just to say you did them..

With that in mind; we did some restructuring to some of our procedures.

  • Added an additional step to production

  • Added an additional step to shipping

  • Testing new inventory and manufactures

  • Newly designed labels

  • Restated our mission statement

"When you're a creator, you can't focus on how people will view your art. "

Authenticity - of undisputed origin; genuine

Before Bornreal' came into fruition, I did my research and looked at clothing lines, urban brands and even notable companies not in fashion. There were not many businesses that represented authenticity; I felt there was a demand for people who challenged the status quo, people who were labeled as different when truly they were just being their authentic self.

Fast forward to todays time, we are still in the business of cultivating an authentic lifestyle. But as I mentioned; prior to Bornreal' hitting the scenes I don't remember seeing SOOO many people claim they too are promoting "authenticity", "self love" and "we're better together". Which is a good thing right?

I sometimes grow conflicted: on one hand I feel like the work that we've put in is on the rise and getting noticed but on the other hand I feel like Soulja Boy in his Breakfast club interview

They copied my whole flow?!

Which is kind of a bittersweet feeling. Like yes, we are cultivating the masses and spreading the bornreal' gospel. On the flip side we aren't get the credit we feel we deserve. We are like the pioneers of cultivating an authentic lifestyle. But when you're a creator you can't focus on how people will view your art. You just create.

What do you do when your lane gets too crowded? Improvise.

We aspire to be THE brand you think about when anybody says anything remotely close to our mission statement. Which is to create a lifestyle where we ALL are respected. So even with new creators in our space - we're still here! It just means we have to step our game up a little. Here's what you can keep an eye out for this season

Spring '23

We're offering promotions, sales and discounts over the next few months.

You'll be able to receive early access by being a subscriber to our email list

We'll also be offering special rates for those who engage with our content on social media

New Drop

Bornreal Inspire + Cultivate Feb.11


Anniversary Sale (50% off)

New Dop

Good Luck Mar.18


Out with the old ($20 off)

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