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Timing is everything.

Everything takes time. Change takes time. Finding your purpose takes time. Everything may not go as planned. W/ prayer patience & faith.

In due time everything will align.

I been on some, it’s been some heavy things on my mind. I thought I had it all figured out not this time.

While going thru this time I wasn’t certain on much of anything really. Questioning a lot, friendships relationships and even businesses. I haven’t figured out all the solutions to these challenging problems. However there has been signs of light. With that being said. I’d like to show my appreciation to all of those who reached out to check in/ inquire about an order and also those of you who kept rocking and supporting the brand. Daryl Scooby Meat 2-fi Shego A couple more I’m forgetting. But we thank you all so much for keeping bornreal close in your heart. We ask that our family/ true supporters please bare with me as we look to iron these wrinkles out.

As shown ( & promised) we’re still working.. but sometimes you have to take a step back and make sure you’re still aligned with your purpose/the course at hand (aka making sure you’re still on track). I apologize for the months long Hiatus. I hope you guys understand & miss us as much as we miss you -

subscribe to our email! ..until then see you soon

-BaRel from Bornreal LLC

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