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Tri- County > Everybody

Palm Beach Co.+ Broward Co. + Miami-Dade Co. = Tri County (Florida)

Some time ago, back in the G - Floridians used to refer to South Florida as the "Tri County". So no matter if you were from Liberty City, Pompano or West Palm you were apart of the Tri-County.

Somewhere down the line, we lost our commUNITY spirit and went our separate ways (as counties) but as social media compares South Florida to North Florida we know the panhandle (North Florida) is no competition to the Tri-County, not even with Orlando on their side.


* I know wiki isn't the best source but it's literally the only source I can find documenting Tri-County *


So when Kodak say "I love the tri county but I hate everybody...that part" he's talking about the three counties (pictured in graph) just a little insight onto why this collab is my favorite link til this day. Plus it's an epitome of what happens when people from the tri-county link up.

Think of the potential power we have at our discretion once we start to link together, link up for the better. We need to extend our resources to their full potential and once we do; when we start to grow with one another.. what's that one quote Koly P say..?

Bread over beef.

We can all eat! Like together as a collective, as the tri-county! We all homegrown - let's link

Thank you for the support, love always.

BR4R- “we all stars

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