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You ever miss yourself?

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

I've found myself in some challenging situations for the last couple months..

I've mentioned how we've been under the radar and this one I'll go a bit more in detail.

Earlier in the year, we lost two of our fasho plugs on the merch, both went out of business.

They just left me out to dry + had a going out of business sale and all (that I missed).

While having to deal with finding new vendors and suppliers..

I'm learning to be precise with making adjustments on the run. Getting used to a new location, having to create new routines and to establish a team - nobody really gives you the game plan on how to play this game of life, its your own itinerary. That's why OG's are needed and really a demand for them in todays time.


Knowing that OGs are at an all time low

We can take some blame for that. Although we're just one group of people - we have to do what we can; when it comes to leading by example. Being a proud representation of not only the brand name but also for our family's sake and even more for society.

In these trying times, it's a refreshing feeling to come across someone who is nice, kind, unique, caring, loving and someone who genuinely wants the best for you. That's realee real, that is exactly what being bornreal is about.

We did eventually find new collaborators and plugs to tap in with. So much so, that at that moment we're stacked. Practically sitting on inventory. Stay alert and be on the lookout for upcoming rollouts.

During these trials please believe that work is getting done; through these tribulations, everything has been moving at a fast pace, non-stop really. But in a way - it helped me get back on track to that individual that I've always inspired to be.

"What's new?"

We've been working on a revamp involving our mascot Barel, so get you'll be seeing more of him soon.

Not only that but we're still in works with creating a web series revolving around Realee Real(being bornreal). We heard that the streets calling for the podcast to make a new drop...

*Winners of the giveaway packs will be sent out by Black Friday*

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