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About Us

Outside of the dorm room at Clinton College; I'm doodling on the table and Elijah comes over and asked “whats that?” I explained that this is what they call me back home, it’s my nickname Bornreal. His response is the reason why this brand has come into fruition. “Bro, you put that on a white t-shirt I’ll buy it right now!” 


After graduating and coming back to Palm Beach, FL. I decided that I would take Elijah up on his offer; and put this design on a t-shirt. From there, people from Elijah’s hometown (Soperton, GA) grew interested in what does BR mean? As I reflected on that question – I came to realize that bornreal is about being who I was my entire life, an honest and respectful individual that wants the world to be the same.


After coming up with the mission statement and meaningful designs. We knew if we wanted to have an impact on society; that we would first have to start with our community. With that in mind, Summer of 2017 Bornreal LLC hosted their first community event “Throwback Cookout” where family and friends come together to have a field day in the park. A day filled with fun, music, food and games to be played with all members of our community. See more at Events


Bornreal is more than a streetwear brand; but also a lifestyle. From the fashionable graphic tees to community engagement. We look to encourage the masses that we’re better together and its possible for us to be a successful commUNITY

We must all love and treat each other fairly. In every aspect of life!

Here at Bornreal we believe in order to be realee real you have to:

Be conscience of who you are

Be real with yourself and others

Inspire others to be their authentic self


Self Aware

Here at Born Real we encourage people to “be the real you!

Once you take the time to reflect who you are and identify what you truly want for yourself.

Having this consciousness about who you are makes you Born Real


Authenticity puts the real' in Born Real'.


Being real has benefits for your mental health, Psychologists define authenticity as manifestation of a person's true self in their everyday lives.


We think you should try to go the whole day being real with everyone that you come across, including yourself.


The key to being Born Real' is Honesty and Self-awareness.

It is our duty to nurture a lifestyle where we all are respected. 

Being #RealeeReal is a big deal to us, reason being we believe in thoughts like...

 “We all are bornreal” and “We all have the ability to channel our inner greatness”. 

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