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About Us

Bornreal is a not just a brand but we're a lifestyle brand;

where community + streetwear meet.

From the fashionable graphic tees to community engagement.

Our mission is to promote an authentic lifestyle; where we all are respected.

Outside of the dorm room at Clinton College; I'm engraving my mark on the table and Elijah comes over and asked “What's that?” as I explained that this is what they call me back home "this is my nickname, Bornreal". His response is the sole reason how this brand has come into fruition.

“Bro, if you put that on a t-shirt I’ll buy it right now!” 

After graduating, I returned back to Palm Beach. I decided that I would take Elijah up on his offer; and put this design on a t-shirt. From there, people from Elijah’s hometown (Soperton, GA) grew interested in what does BR mean? As I reflected on that question – I came to realization that Bornreal is about being who I was my entire life; A genuine and respectful individual that wants the world to be the same.


After coming up with the mission statement and a couple designs.

We knew to have an impact on society, that we would have to start with our community first.

This is how our first event TBC was birthed... See more at Events

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How to be Bornreal'.             


  • Be an example to what being realee real is all about..

Love, honesty and respect.

  • Make a positive impact on someone's life.


  • Know yourself = Love yourself.

  • Embrace your uniqueness.

  • Find comfort within (your) truth.


  • Nurture a lifestyle where one can be comfortable being their self.

  • Encourage someone to go after their dream/ do what they love/ to be their authentic self.

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