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Hard days: everybody has them

How do you deal with your hard days? Or do they deal with you

As I continue to grow into the OG role, I realized that quote "different strokes for different folks" is indeed factual. If something that works for them; that doesn't necessarily mean that it would work for me. Or even with coping mechanisms - you may be a "turn your cheek" type person whereas I'm more upfront and confrontational. Bringing me back to my point - people have different ways of dealing with stuff.


When going through a tough time

(a bad day, inconvenience's, failed expectations)

How do you get through those dark times to get to the light?

  • Is it a healthy coping mechanism?

  • Do you shut off access to you?

  • Break down and cry??

I didn't mention give up - because that's too easy.

Have you ever played a game and couldn't pass level 4? So they keep you on that portion of the game until you're able to pass that stage - I feel like life does that too sometimes. Until you're equipped with the right tools and ready to pass a certain level; you'll keep facing the same level..

Check out our podcast realee real report our latest episode speaks on this a little more in depth.

S/S23 last drop is otw| Bornreal Athletics + Challenge

If I am being 100 these are my favorite drops of the season. I appreciate the design team and I'm grateful for all the ideas that they pitch BUT Bornreal Athletics is a fav of mine simply because it hints at a Physical Education school shirt mixed with a little paraphernalia for your favorite team.

Challenge is another favorite because how long this took to bring to life. For forever, I'd been expressing how much I want to come up with a design that displays - "every challenge requires change". But in the designing phase, it was hard to capture exactly what I had in mind. After many months, we were able to finalize a design and this is what we came away with

another challenge we were faced with.. Is that the quotes could also be flipped to say "every change requires challenge" which are both true. Proud of how this came out - I can't wait for you guys to see how this turned out.

Also in the our latest podcast episode, we discussed potential opportunities for this summer and how we are prepping to set up shop this summer. We're excited to knock off some rust and get back in that bag!

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