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New Year, New Groove

Cheers to 2024!

I couldn't be more grateful to be entering a new day, month and year. I'm not sure of everyone's experience but personally I can say that 2023 had hands - but I stood on business

Hit the ground running

Coming up with a plan on the fly, is going to have you playing catch up in the end. You ever heard of the Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance..? I'm here to say that quote has some truth in it, a whole lot of it.

Shifted Focus

I love computers and coding so much I had my mind set on doing some projects and getting my gitHub portfolio off the ground(still a work in progress), that caused me to shift my focus and start to think as a Web Dev, which led into me taking some bootcamps and courses, which led to me enrolling into online classes which led to me becoming a Certified Developer.

All which ultimately led to me neglecting the brand and some of the responsibilities as the owner. Once I noticed, I attempted to balance attention between the two..

There I was met with trial and error.

However I learned about myself in that process; Persistence and resilience this along with other lessons are things that I'll be using as learning resources moving forward from this year on out.

Although I wasn't seen much, I was still able to peep the scene, get better at my craft and I was even fortunate enough to make new connections. So be on the lookout 2024! We're coming and we're ready for you.


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