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Big B's! (Bornreal Blogs)

What’s going on realee real fam! Wanted to bring some more hindsight to what’s going on... so I decided to, let's start doing blogs!

Here, I’ll be a bit more personal with things that I go through behind the scenes. I originally had the idea to do vlogs (blogs but the video version) and ideally that’s still the goal - it's just a lot to throw in the mix right now, but we’ll get to that point eventually. So, in the meantime.. we blog.

You may not be seeing my presence much on IG (eventually on all social media) I’ve been trying to reset mentally. I find myself focusing on the wrongs things. I feel like taking a break off social media can help me get back on track; I’ll have my sister run the page again.

IG: @princessxnanni


If you haven’t heard the album I dropped. Go stream BR4R by bornreal4real (link) & you’ll vividly get a feel of how I’ve been feeling lately.

As far as the brand goes, we’ve been in the works with designers and employees working on a new look and revamping the page/site. I look for my brand ambassadors & supporters to step even harder! Because we coming harder ️

Thank you for the support, love always.

BR4R- “we all stars

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