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"We're looking for Bornreal.. have you seen them?"

Hey guys, we’ve been on and off the scene for a minute now. Just wanted to give a little insight to what's been going on & what I’ve been working on.

Previously; I falsely claimed this season as trial and error. After doing some soul searching & deep cleaning. I’d like to rename this season to glory and triumph. Because you see.. I’ve been in the mud lately; trying to make it out.

Personally speaking, I was at a point where I didn’t understand what was happening around me/ how do I get through this. Now that I’m able to see things a bit more clear. It’s time that I put on my hard hat and go to work!

We’ve been working on a lot during these trying times. And we have some BIG news unveiling soon.

Be on the lookout for discounted sales, photoshoots, new drops, commercials, possibly.. a podcast revamp?

You’ll have to stick around a bit longer to find out. Also a big shout out to you guys for the support & rocking out with us for this long.

Thank you for the support, love always.

BR4R- “we all stars

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